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That’s right, we’ve got the blues, but we’re far from sad about our “new” light fixture in the office. Our office was originally our house’s formal dining room, hence the whole formal dining room fixture feel.

We just opted for indigo blue spray paint and added a giant drum shade to our old brass friend. So even though the chandelier and I weren’t on speaking terms, after a brainstorming phone call with Katie B, Sherry convinced me that we should do our darndest to work with what we have. See, we already spray painted a brass chandelier like this in our last dining room, so this time we wanted to do a bit more than just add a fresh coat of paint.

That’s the extent of my electrician knowledge – just carefully redo what you undo.

And I turn off the power to the entire house just in case things aren’t perfectly marked in the fuse box (they don’t call me John “Paranoid” Petersik for nothing). The rich blue color is sort of hard to see in pictures but it’s nice and clear in person.

Here it is minus the ball (aka: with less junk in the trunk).

We just reattached the finial to the shorter middle rod (since the extension rod that held the ball up screwed right off) and it was good to go.

Good thing she did, because after making it over, it looks amazing, and, most importantly, Anna loves it.

But after sliding the shade down the chain so the rings rested on the top of the chandelier’s fluted center part (there’s a detailed pic of this coming up) Sherry held the whole thing up while I re-wired it to the ceiling in the same manner in which I had taken it down.So we decided to attempt to “modernize” it a bit by tweaking the silhouette, adding a big white drum shade around it, and bringing in some sophisticated-yet-kinda-unexpected color.Luckily we had no trouble finding a jumbo shade at our first shopping stop, which is a local favorite of ours (The Decorating Outlet which we’ve probably mentioned ten million times – it’s also where we found Clara’s capiz chandelier and the shade for the pendant we made in our last office/guest room).It worked, but we didn’t like the idea of the shade’s straight & narrow crossbars being so in your face. Removing the rest of that ring thing was just half of the battle. Because these four rods floating in mid-air certainly weren’t going to solve our problem.They kinda messed with the original curves of the chandelier – ya know? Sherry was able to pry off half of it without a problem – just a little flick of the screw driver while steadying the “legs” so it didn’t tweak the shade. We tried lots of tools, but it was requiring so much force that we started to get nervous about damaging the shape of the whole shade. Sherry was kind enough to photograph me looking like a sawing superhero, but it was actually she who did most of the sawing. They needed to be stabilized by something, and that something needed to somehow fit onto our chandelier.

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