Updating etc mail aliases

Such practises have caused outrage and aggressive reaction by many net users against the individuals concerned.The Real-time Blackhole List is a public facility provided to help reduce the volume of unsolicited advertising you have to contend with.This relieves the smart host of a lot of traffic because other hosts can directly send mail to other hosts on the private network.macro allows you to specify the host that should relay all outgoing mail that you are unable to deliver directly, and the mail transport protocol to use to talk to it.

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Another good application for smart host configurations is to manage transmission of mail across a private firewall.We might want to specify some other source address so that the mail appears to have originated from some other user or address on that machine.Mail aliases are a powerful feature that enable mail to be directed to mailboxes that are alternate names for users or processes on a destination host.The smart host running on the firewall is able to establish direct network connections with hosts both on the private network and on the Internet.The smart host would accept mail from both hosts on the private network and the Internet, store them in local storage and then manage the retransmission of that mail to the correct host directly.

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