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To get started, press Ctrl H to open the Find and Replace window.There’s two fields to input: Find what and Replace with.Bear in mind that whenever someone else opens the document, they’re going to see their current date and time, not the one which was set when you saved it.If you don’t want it to automatically update anymore, click into the field and press Ctrl Shift F9.?Put the existing word or phrase in the former and the replacement in the latter.When ready, hit Replace All to change every instance or just Replace to take them in turn.Every time you open the document, Word will ask whether you want to update the linked elements within.This is extremely useful to ensure that the data remains in sync, but remember you can just untick this box if you don’t want the automatic update to occur. It has advantages, like improved security, but it can also go wrong.

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Please note that once you remove all hidden codes, you can no longer reformat or unformat the citations or bibliography so always make a copy of your document prior to removing any codes. End Note and Microsoft Word Reference Manager All All en Microsoft Word Reference Manager Home System Requirements Download Reference Manager resources from our Download Centre Buy Reference Manager online from our Webstore Visit the Reference Manager User List Archive Read Reference Manager technical articles from our Knowledge Base For the time being we are unable to offer the following product ranges although we are currently working hard to increase the number of products we can offer in the future.End Note 139DE Many publishers require that you remove ALL field codes before submitting an electronic manuscript. Your in-text citations and bibliography become regular text, without field codes or any hidden links.Field codes are used in Microsoft Word to link your citations to your bibliographic references. In the new file, go to the Edit menu and choose Select All. If you want to do further editing or change citations in any way, make the changes to the original file.If you have a recent version of Word for Mac (2013 or 2016) then please follow Inserting Merge Fields into Word (Windows).To start, we’ll walk through the process of adding the merge fields from an APE template into the corresponding word document.

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