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Ford is rolling out Apple Car Play and Android Auto to its earlier SYNC 3 cars, with a hotly-anticipated update for its model year 2016 vehicles.

An easy-to-use app provides access to features like remote start, door unlocking, fuel level and GPS parking location.That should be faster, since it can all be done internally rather than outsourced, but also less expensive, since Ford will be able to reuse technologies like the Bluetooth stack which currently it’s paying for with each system iteration.At the heart of the project is the former Black Berry team Ford acquired, a roughly 400 strong group based predominantly in Ottawa, Canada.While patches and security fixes are fairly common, traditionally car companies have preferred to sell you a whole new vehicle. Indeed, connected vehicle program chief Don Butler explained to me, the goal is to eventually push out updates to the automaker’s cars on a monthly basis.Before that can happen, Ford plans to reduce its use of tier 1 infotainment systems – that is, externally designed and manufactured radio and navigation hardware that the company slots into its dashboards – and “roll our own,” Butler says.

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