Updating gridview checkbox

If you and the Show Edit Button="true" please let me know if you can see what i am seeing.We strive hard in creating high quality Yii extensions for the community as free open source code, and maintaining this demonstration site.I have gone far enough to figure out the problem is caused by the Checkbox field.The checkbox works and passes the correct true/false value to the datasource but will not bind after update When I Make it readonly and remove that value from my Stored Procedure the Gridview control works normal. Usually when you have a Gridview than can be edited you click the edit button and all the editable fields become Textboxes and the Checkbox is Enabled.This extension depends on the kartik-v/yii2-krajee-base extension which in turn depends on the yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap extension.Check the for this extension's requirements and dependencies that may be updated by composer. A module with various modifications and enhancements to one of the most used widgets by Yii developers.I took your Grid View, created an Object Data Source that matched the Fields that the Grid View was displaying and bound the Grid View to it so that I can see what you're "seeing".What I discovered is that you only have a Select and a Delete Button.

I will update the status of this column to True or False according to the state of the checkbox in the Grid View.

One Typical example is to Enable/Disable status of any record in the database table using the Check Box in the Grid View.

In the following tutorial I will show you how you can use Check Box in the Grid View which not only display the current status of the record but also update the record status in the database.

One of the most common control developers uses in the Grid View is Check Box control and if you are creating Administration Panel of any ASP.

NET Application you may be required to handle checkbox event to update any back end database table.

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