Validating xhtml

There are strict rules as to what tags may be nested within others, as well as the order and number of tags allowed.If this error is preceded by an E604 error (missing end tag) then correcting the earlier E604 error may correct this one.Even fixing obvious bugs in the DTDs takes a very long time, because it requires a specification revision.The USEMAP bug in the XHTML 1.1 DTD took 8 years to fix - prior to the 2010 revision of XHTML 1.1 you had to choose between working image maps or valid code.

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The Xhtml Validator dialog uses the W3C XHTML Validator Page to perform validation of the current editor content.

tags override HTTP headers and XHTML should be served with a content type of 'application/xhtml xml', but the content type used was not recognised. All id and anchor name attributes in the same document must have unique values.

See https:// (displayed in new window), and https:// (displayed in new window).

You can enable this dialog by declaring the Xhtml Validator Tool in-line, adding it to the Tools or defining it programmatically: // Remove default tools Rad Editor1. Clear(); // Create a new tool group and add to Rad Editor Tools collection Editor Tool Group group = new Editor Tool Group(); Rad Editor1. Add(group); // Create the Xhtml Validator tool and add it to the tool group Editor Tool tool = new Editor Tool("Xhtml Validator"); group.

Validates HTML files for compliance against the W3C standards and performs linting to assess code quality against best practices.

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