Value dating asp id

You can probably use the control's Unique ID attribute to get the client-side name, but I could be wrong.

If that doesn't work, try this: var one Radio Button = Element By Id(" Well i did not try calling it on a button click. Add("onchange","javascript:fn Name();"); I am just typing this i have not copy or pasted this line so syntax may be wrong but i hope you got it how am i calling it.

It even gives an error saying .checked is not a attribue or method Well i hope you understand the problem i am facing i am not able to get the selected value of a radio button list in java script rbl Customer. Add("onclick", "javascript: Assign Controls();"); this is the way i am adding the function in page load i hope rest of the thing is clear by the post sequence i have tried that option before because i understand i need to use client id if the control is in a User Control well the problem is not with finding an abject, it is able to find the object its just the length and the loop function doesnt work ("onclick", "get Checked Radio()") It works just as before. When you look at the page source, what does the markup look like? It's the 'name' attribute that the function should find.

‘this’ holds a reference to the object, so it doesn’t matter what you do with its properties (including the id) it will still allow you to access them.

The NAME attribute is probably something else (do a View Source and look at the HTML to see the difference).You could just get the value by passing ‘this.value’, but passing just ‘this’ gives you access to "); this would yield an array of elements with the same name (which should be the case with connected radio buttons).NC's appears to be functional, but if the rendering method changes for the Radio Button List, it could break.I am adding a attribute in page load as i need to call this function every time user selects something in the radio button list and i was doing it by writing if(! By any chance does it matter i have this radio button list in a user control ?am sure there should not be a problem but was just curious.

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