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The major factor influencing the results in the overnight sector was weather conditions.

The project is a joint effort between the SPTC working along with the Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr.

We were surprised to see a sargasso-free beach this morning.

Maybe the cold front and change of wind/tide had something to do with it. Miss Chiquitita Pageant Annouces Contestants For 2015Organizers for the Miss Chiquitita Pageant are pleased to present to you the five beautiful and talented young girls they are: *Seydi Medrano - 8-year-old Wild Mangos, *Iansy Gordon - 9-year-old Foreva Fancy, *Adriana Briceo - 8-year-old Ashley's, *Killianie Sosa - 9-year-old Gaby's Construction, *Alieah Moreira- 9-year-old Lynn's Boutique.

We did a course called Clients Conversation to teach trainers how to build their business communication and how to talk to their clients.

Another area we covered was Head Hunters which is a tool used for dog training, and the third area was Rehab Reality.

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