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I don't think so, only Green cards and citizens are taxed on world wide income. We should check with a India tax expert on that, if non residents can contribute. PF allowed tax deduction for residents on 10% of the income, but you could always contribute as much as you wanted and top it up.bc_rp, Thanks for your reply. I spoke to one lawyer and he said I can respond to I-140 RFE myself if I know wht it is about. The 485 is your petition, any problem there and the RFE goes to you/your-lawyer. If USCIS allows one to port I-1485 and approvable I-140 I am not sure what is all this mess about?

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Viggo accepted the part and immediately began work on the project, which was already underway.I will sue USCIS personally(not a class action suit) and even sell my house to pay the lawyer fees.:mad: wait a minute! Thats right.i dont have a house, i dont have a life coz i wa waiting for this damn green PD Oct 2003, EB3 I-140 approved like years ago(Atleast seems to me.)The problem with accounts in India is the requirement to declare it here. Ask this lawyer why an RFE will even be sent to you for the I-140?if a signed G-28 is attached to each of these forms, then you will not receive receipts, etc. You will have to re-file the LC in addition to the I-140 for a port. As per my employer they sent it on July2nd and we know USCIS moved those dates again back and forth.But without the G-28, all the communication will come to you directly, which is actually beneficial. There is some more info on Eb3 to Eb2 here: Upgrading from EB3 to EB2 ( Oops sorry about that. These things are extremely complicated.:confused: Appreciate all of your valuable inputs. When we are counting 180 days do we start counting from I-485 notice date or receipt date?

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