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She went on to earn a Bachelor in Social Work from the University of Regina.

She had always loved writing and began to write seriously in the 1980s.

In 1975 she received the Vicky Metcalfe Award for her writingse Ryerse.

Born February 1798 Port Ryese, Upper Canada (Ontario) Died London, Ontario March 19, 1882.

She is a member and has served on the executive of the Writers Association of Nova Scotia.

There was a poem to each of them and the Popes thank you said he noted the reference to him.

She has travelled across North America and foreign countries such as China discussing her work. She left home when she became a teacher but soon returned to teach near home.

She has published several books of poetry one of which Bear Bones and Feathers (Saskatoon, Coteau Books, 1994) received the Canadian Peoples Poet Award.

She also sent a copy of her work to the Queen of England and the Pope.

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