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We chat to some of our previous That Girls, to find out about some style and beauty tips that have worked wonders in their lives.These Hong Kong-based women know a thing or two about how to make the most of this fast paced city – and to top it all off, they do it in style.I’m not sure if it’s a hack per se, but I’ve started buying less but buying better which means only purchasing investment items which will hold their value over time.Fast fashion has turned buying clothes akin to shopping for groceries at a supermarket and it’s having seriously negative effects on our planet. Cristina Deane of Redress, Sarah Fung of HULA, Heloise Mendes of Label Chic, and Fanny Moizant of Vestiaire Collective are slowly but surely changing the world of sustainable fashion in Hong Kong and people are taking notice.With the fashion and beauty world constantly evolving, it pays to figure our what tips and tricks are unique to you.Whether your time-saving tactic involves carrying an extra pair of heels in your gym bag, wrapping that messy morning bun in a silk scarf, storing a spare pair of statement earrings in your purse, or keeping an elastic hair-tie on hand for a crafty waistband extension it’s all about making sure you’re looking and feeling your best.This technique creates dimension and is the perfect way to get a gorgeous glow.I stick to neutral colours, such as black and white, for my outfits.

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Then I have the hair and makeup do the talking – all thanks to my daily appointments with Sponge!

A red lip and perfect messy waves can work wonders. I wear minimal makeup, and style my hair naturally, with a bit of Abyssian hair oil. We are what we eat, I recently discovered Dr Nigma Talib, the author for “Reverse the Signs of Ageing“… I personally like to buy tops, t-shirts and Kurtis which do not require a lot of maintenance.

I’ve been using this mascara since I was 12 years old, it’s the best one in the world.

Skin Ceuticals CE Fereulic which prevents hyperpigmentation is something I use if I’m in the sun too.

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