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There are many different radioactive isotopes that are used for radiometric dating.For example, there is a radioactive form of potassium (potassium-40) that decays into argon (argon-40).‘It’s only had two new heads and three new handles.’ The question is: how old was his axe? When a geologist hammers off a sample of rock he needs to know its history.Different minerals would have crystallized at different times depending on the way the molten magma cooled.An hour glass is only useful if it is not disturbed.But after rocks crystallize from molten magma, they can be heated and cooled; they can be affected by metamorphic events and groundwater.by Tas Walker Radioactive dating begins by carefully measuring the concentrations of radioactive isotopes in rocks.

‘I’ve had this trusty axe for fifty years,’ he said.Some small pieces of other rock, or even some foreign minerals, may have been carried along by the magma and existed long before the rock crystallized.Other minerals may have grown inside the rock much later, during a time when the area was heated and metamorphosed.In other words, the hourglass only works when we know its initial condition.Unlike the hourglass, we do not know how much of each isotope was in the rock in the beginning.

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