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‘ in which she’ll be sharing a Guide to Conquering and Living your Best Life. is a 41-chapter book that covers most of the obstacles we all confront – fear, love, money, self-esteem.

Some are internal, existing only in our minds, and some are external, found in other people’s attitudes.

She had this to say to Encomium Magazine: Normally, I wouldn’t react to stories about myself in public, I have my reasons, but I would talk about this briefly. But personally, I do not know David Mark and I can say this anywhere, anytime.

Why I am actually reacting to this tale is for two reasons.

I told her I was scared and she told me to tell the truth,” said the actress.

“When she died, I lost myself for two years and I did a lot of therapy to get myself together.

We don’t know how tomorrow would be; so, the earlier we started achieving our set goals, the better for us.

It took me seven years to write my book because I was afraid to share some private things about me at some point.

I have never had anything to do with Senator David Mark. The range rover I drive is my hard work, my struggle and my sweat.The photo also showed the ‘love’ sign visibly imprinted near the name.This has already got people talking about the show of affection from only Nina and Miracle remaining quiet.Actress Chika Ike is currently on vacation in Jamaica and she’s living her best life – according to her Instagram caption.She has been updating her followers with pictures on Instagram and it does look like she’s having a ball.

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