Who is dating robbie amell

She learned that years ago in Ireland, one of their ancestors stole something from a banshee.In retaliation, the banshee placed a curse on all of the women in the Smythe family.Siobhan continued sending messages and upset her when she apparently accused her of being "obsessed" with James. When Kara was called away, she reminded Siobhan about Cat's lunch, but Siobhan recited it perfectly and mocked her for not doing her job, winked at Winn and smirked at his uncomfortable reaction.She later tried to listen on James and Lucy's private conversation.Siobhan later tried to flatter James but was brushed off. She continued to antagonize Kara by sending her messages asking what's between her and James.

When Cat refused to run the scoop, she plans to send it to her old employer, the Daily Planet.She planned to use the scoop as her route to returning to Metropolis as a reporter.However, Kara finds the tape, and lured her away from her desk so she can print the email.Kara was annoyed by being unable to pronounce her name correctly.Cat designated Kara as "Assistant #2" to her confusion.

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