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In 1985 he would accompany his nephew's expedition to base camp at 20,000 feet.

As a child, the younger Arne Naess was said to have been picked on at school because he spoke German in a nation still bitter about the Nazi occupation.

He eventually left Norway to work in New York for another uncle, Erling Naess, who had made a fortune in shipping.

Naess was no great music lover, but the two got on well, and a few months later, as he prepared to ascend Everest, Diana Ross reportedly flew out to join him at base camp.

" Bonington replied that Newcastle was the nearest, but it was 60 miles away. According to an unauthorised biography by the Norwegian journalist Mona Levin, Naess was born Arne Raab in Germany on December 8 1937, the son of a German ski-jumping coach and Kikki Naess, a physiotherapist and a member of one of Norway's most prominent families.

His uncle, Arne Naess, after whom he was named, is the famous mountaineer, ecologist and philosopher who, in 1950, led the expedition that made the first ascent of Tirich Mir in Pakistan.

He’s the younger brother of R&B superstar Akon – a confessed polygamist with three wives.

“Diana is livid that Tracee is getting so serious with Bu,” a source close to the Motown legend told The ENQUIRER.

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