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Personally, I don't find her attractive, either. Wrestlers’ entrances come across better, as do the promo videos that air throughout the show.

I just thought that Beth was his wife (not Phoenix, but that his wife's name was also Beth). As has been said before, she might be bigger than Lita, but that's no reason to go ahead and call her fat. They'd make a good couple, as do Punk and Lita.

Turns out he isn't married yet, and the "Beth" was Beth Phoenix.

That is a very unfair comment to make, while Beth is a bigger girl than Lita, she is by no means 'fat' and doesn't deserve comments like that - annoys me when people go on about somebody's weight or looks. While she may not really be 'fat,' she does look that compared to the rest of the divas (and Lita).Personally, I think that Divas like Beth and Natalya are more attractive than Kelly "shits in the bathroom sink" Kelly and the rest of the current "Johnny Ace Approved" Divas.for enlightening me with how I, MYSELF, think how WWE Divas should look kike.However, I, at the very least, don't believe that's how divas should look like.Yeah, they should have the build like Natalya and Beth, but that's totally out of context to what I said.

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