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They met when Priscilla was just 14 years old and didn’t marry until eight years later in 1967. Unfortunately, the two would ultimately divorce a few years before Elvis passed away in 1977.

Still, she’s known as one of the most famous celebrity wives. Later on, the two began dating and would eventually marry.

, and continues her work in film, while also taking on roles in television.

Her biggest TV role was as Nancy Botwin in hit show Weeds.

Unfortunately, Agassi’s addictions during the time kept their marriage from having the success they intended, and the two divorced after just two years.

The two aren’t close friends these days, but they had a fairly pleasant split, considering the circumstances.

The two are an inspiration to many in Hollywood that would like to have a long-lasting marriage like Warren and Annette have managed to have.

Sting took a liking to Trudie and the two began to date.Irons didn’t make his film debut until 1981, so their marriage has actually been longer than Irons’ silver screen career. In 2005, whilst Denise was pregnant with their second child, she filed for divorce.Denise met husband-to-be actor, Charlie Sheen, on the set of Loaded Weapon 1 in 1991. The couple tried counselling and put the divorce on hold.That’s right, the Material Girl herself was once a celebrity wife.She married actor Sean Penn in 1985 and though their marriage only lasted four years, it was quite notable.

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