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It really didn't matter if they were a couple or not. Granted he'd never watched their channel before in the past besides some of the few scattered video game parodies they'd made so he didn't have any real say on the matter. He'd only had the chance to hang out with them a handful of times before but he'd certainly get to the bottom of this."Why's that? Later, Lasercorn met up with Sohinki after getting some new games from Game Stop."Okay dude, so I was thinking about starting off the first review with Borderlands 2," he began."That's what I was thinking," Sohinki said then decided to bring it up. I've seen some of their main ones and the ones on their other channels before.""Cool, cool. ""They're pretty fucking hilarious I can give you that much," Lasercorn answered."Right. The others were off to the side filling their sodas when Sohinki heard Ian say to Anthony "Do you mind getting this, babe? Now he really knew something was going on between them but he couldn't get anyone to believe him.

He decided to shrug it off and continue with his computer game. I didn't think they'd be so chill about everything being internet celebs and all so that's always a perk. "Hey, so you've watched a lot of Smosh videos before, haven't you? So..." He thought about whether he should ask but went ahead and did anyway. I paid last time."Sohinki's eyes instantly grew wide. "Yeah, no prob," he heard Anthony reply as he gave his card to the cashier. When they got back to the Smosh Games HQ they ate and chatted some more while filming.

" Only a grunt came from her leader, Anthony Padila as he attempted to kill his best friend Ian.

Matt Sohinki on the other hand, gave her a mischievous smile and turned back to the game. Guy threw a knife into Joven's character, not only killing him but also ending his killing spree."It was " He emphasized 'knife' "knowing you Joven!

" The famous team Condors had returned from the Halo Game Bang to compete with team Super Condors... After a few seconds of waiting, she rose from the dead, ready to kill her enemies... Ian gave him a quick high-five before returning his focus to the game.

Mari's sudden death caused her team to groan, for they were now nearly ten kills behind."Well sorry I can't see through the back of my head guys!

Normally you like it from behind," Anthony laughed, causing everyone else to burst into laughter."Shut-up, that's totally you! " Lasercorn cheered as he jumped out of his seat."Damn, you guys are competitive," Mari remarked. "Sohinki glanced between the two men standing in the lounge, one with a nicely styled bowl haircut, a stylishly hip flannel shirt and a bit of scruff on his face and the other with a more emo-like hairstyle that slung partially over his eye and a red leather jacket then looked back to Mari. He saw Anthony blush and playfully push him away and Ian laughed again. Anthony was laughing and shaking his head at something Ian had said and Ian seemed to be asking him something and was leaning in very close to his face, almost to the point where Sohinki thought he was going in for a kiss.Their leader fought valiantly, but it wasn't enough to save his team from their most certain demise. Once again, team Condor had swept the floor with their rivals and were giddy with excitement for their coming punishment."Well, since you guys failed miserably at Modern Warfare, we get to shoot you guys with guns! " Ian, team Condor's leader declared, triumph evident in his voice. The Condors lined up in front of them, relishing every moment of their friends' defeat.The lovable team Super Condors lined up against the wall farthest from the T. Lasercorn shook his head at Sohinki, and in his Riot Shield Man voice said to him, "I am very disappointed in you Knife Man Guy.

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