Who is leisha hailey dating 2016 morgan man dating granddaughter

You could officially say we are on a “hiatus” of sorts.We feel like we needed to take this break to bring some new magic into our music and give our other loves some attention…Leisha has been back to acting, Camila has joined another indy band called “Summer Moon” and is working on many solo side projects and DJ’ing and Josh is currently a Zen Buddha Yogi Master teaching others the art of meditation and mindfulness in addition to being the best drummer ever.

It was a gift from the great lesbian beyond when we learned this very year that our dearest most treasured Sarah Paulson and our dearest most treasured Holland Taylor were madly in love and not afraid to say so.

She was one of a handful of out actresses who appeared on the show because you cannot make the first american lesbian TV show ever without giving Guienevere Turner a part. Velasquez had a bit role as the actress playing Marina in Lez Girls, but remained deeply closeted until last year, when she came out and released a memoir about her life, including details of her relationship with Sandra Bernhard.

Hedison was the noteworthy ex-girlfriend of Ellen De Generes and a successful photographer when she joined the cast as Helena Peabody’s love interest Dylan in Season Three.

In 2008, she told Curve Magazine that she doesn’t put a label on her sexuality.

Another Canadian actress, Messina isn’t well-known enough that I can tell you with 100% certainty that she is queer, but I’m like 95% sure that she is queer, because she pings like whoa, posts kinda gay shit on her instagram, and also directed a play in a theater festival specifically for LGBTQ humans.

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