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The key lyric in Not Too Late is "you've gotta lose yourself before you find your way" which became her creative mantra.In keeping with the song's honest lyrics and raw energy, Coulter has released a stripped back performance video - miles away from her most glossy, styled pop clips.Sure people online can be nasty but a lot of the negative comments were related to how thin she looked.Ricki-Lee needs to realise if you are going to put a photo of yourself on instagram you are also placing yourself up for judgement."I wanted people to hear the pain in these lyrics and feel where this song is coming from.We didn't re-record it - it's the demo vocal I did on the day. “I don’t care what people think of me but I do care that people use social media to bully and spread negativity,” she said. This is mildly ironic considering Ricki-Lee (who I am a fan of) has participated in a plethora of articles about her body weight so people are going to have an opinion about it.

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Ricki-Lee Coulter a couple of days ago put the above selfie up on her instagram account and was offended when not all the comments were positive and called these commenters bullies.But by the looks of these comments made by some of her followers she has not been bullied but insulted and offended. It certainly did not stop her from putting a photo of herself in a bikini a day later.Sam De Brito in the SMH wrote an article today which has some salient point to this topic and he was talking more about legislation in this area.The song - released today - was written with the team behind James Arthur's global hit Say You Won't Let Go and has a similar modern/retro soul feel."Pivoting musically is scary, but I really have faith in this song," Coulter said.

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