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As Chad is heading to his car—used, very used, but his, which made waiting tables all summer totally worth it, although he’s never going to admit that to Troy—he sees Ryan walking in the opposite direction, out of the mascot costume by now. Sharpay is going to be furious when she finds out that I've gotten a bigger role then her.4. And with senior year coming to an end, will the young couple find a way to stay together, or simply go their separate ways? Ryan and Sharpay went to a private school, while the others went to East High.

Ryan has always taken an appeal to Chad, never having the opportunity to tell him.

---------------- Yah girl still sucks at summaries, but like CHAD IS SO SOFT IN THIS PLEASE READ IT, I LOVE SOFT CHAD.

Anyway, this is gay and fluffy and you are very welcome.

The pop star was found strangled to death in her apartment, at around PM on June 25, moments after neighbors heard suspicious movement coming from her unit.

At the moment, an autopsy is being done and investigations are being carried out, but the death has been ruled as a murder.

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