Who is shaq ex wife dating

People send a lot of dumb articles to the Universal Bullshit Translator, so it takes a whole lot of stupid for the UBT to be agog — but this one takes the biscuit. So when you ask him and he stares you straight in the eyes and says, “You know I would never do ANYTHING to hurt you or the kids,” believe him.

“Here’s how to get definitive proof your partner is cheating” by Huff Po. The problem isn’t that they’re doing any thing shady, it’s that you can’t handle the truth. Stuff those crushing doubts down, down deep into the recesses of your soul.

You’ll never guess what the secret is — YOU ASK THEM. I’m sure you guys There’s only one way to know if your partner is cheating: Nope, it’s not by thumbing through their text messages and emails. I’m sure he has a very good reason for all that time he spends in the bathroom with his cellphone.

To really get down to the truth, you have to ask your spouse directly. Try an icebreaker like “Are you fucking escorts at lunch? “Some people worry that confronting their partner will force the break up of their relationship,” she said.

The couple made headlines when paparazzi got a photo of Shaq planting a smooch on his new hot girlfriend while they were in Paris after which he took her out to watch a tennis match (pictured above) during which they were both dressed very classy showing that even Shaquille O’Neal knows how to make a suit work when called upon.You’ll both need to be in the right frame of mind, so to that end, don’t bring it up at 12 a.m. (Indeed, studies have shown that the brain’s emotional centers are more when we’re sleep deprived.) “You don’t want this to be rushed and you don’t want to do it before work, when children are around or with an activity to go to shortly after,” Mintz said.“Wait for an evening after each of you has had some time to unwind from work or a weekend where you don’t have plans for later on in the day.”This is bound to be an uncomfortable conversation.“Resist the temptation to snoop,” she told Huff Post.“This would be a total breach of trust and privacy on your part and would make rebuilding that trust much more difficult.

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