Word links not updating

Instead of having to return to each document later to change your last name, just put a link to a different document, and then when you update your last name there, your name will change in all the other documents!

In addition to having Dreamweaver update links automatically whenever you move or rename a file, you can manually change all links (including e‑mail, FTP, null, and script links) so that they point somewhere else.

In the e‑mail message window, the To box is automatically updated with the address specified in the e‑mail link. Use null links to attach behaviors to objects or text on a page.

For instance, you can attach a behavior to a null link so that it swaps an image or displays an absolutely-positioned element (AP element) when the pointer moves over the link.

Dreamweaver can update links to and from a document whenever you move or rename the document within a local site.

This feature works best when you store your entire site (or an entire self-contained section of it) on your local disk.

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