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I decided to create the program Healing Love Addiction because I remember a time not too long ago when I couldn’t figure the “love game” out.

I would look in misery, confusion, and even jealousy at the girls that just seemed to have it all figured out.

Don’t wait to have the fierce love, and fierce life, you deserve. xo, Christine “Christine’s practice has “saved” me.Here you will dive deep and navigate the emotional terrains on your life history up until now. You will: We come back to the only true moment that exists, here and now. So here I will help you connect the dots and see what patterns and habits are working and which aren’t and HOW to begin changing them one by one to have results you want.You will look at patterns, wounds, trauma, and dominant experiences that have shaped you. We will look at the effect of those blueprints on your: Let’s know what’s really going on.💜 Gain psychological practical tools to cleanse the shit in your life blocking you from love that you might not notice.💜 Learn what to replace into your life to create a loving and friendly environment. 💜 (7) 1 hour pre-recorded group coaching calls to dive deep into your story, and give you actionable solutions, healing and advice to increase confidence, self-esteem, and overall health in relationship to SELF and in relationship to others. 💜 BONUS: Email coaching with Christine for a limited time. Yet, both the past and our worries about the future effects our present.

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