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In the 1970s, world renowned sexologist Professor John Money claimed that zoophilic behaviours were usually transitory occurring when there is no other sexual outlet available.However, research carried out in the 2000s shows this not be the case.We saw it at the excellent Rochester 360-365 film festival--dumb name but great festival.There's enough in this film to make it worth seeing, but, in my opinion, not enough to warrant seeking it out at all costs.

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Most of Miletski’s sample preferred sex with dogs (87% males; 100% females) and/or horses (81% males; 73% females).

Only 8% of males wanted to stop having sex with animals and none of the females.

Unlike case study reports of zoophilia published prior to 2000, the studies published over the last 15 years using non-clinical samples report the vast majority of zoophiles do not appear to be suffering any significant clinical significant distress or impairment as a consequence of their behaviour.

But you will be surprised to learn that her heart is as beautiful as she is.

The few lucky ones, who got an opportunity to meet Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in real life revealed on Quora...

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    However, more than 30 years after went off the air, Knight is still best remembered for his childhood role as Peter Brady.

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