Xbmc recently added not updating

Frodo now uses file dates for "Recently added" videos instead of the date when a video was scanned into XBMC.

This can be changed back to XBMC v11 (Eden) behavior by creating a text file called and placing it in the userdata folder with the following content: Whilst Frodo does "upgrade" the library, it stores a Eden compatible copy. It is still recommended to always make a backup of your userdata folder before updating, just in case.

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Something in the direction: would you mind adding a little contextual note, like if this is a error message, dialogue headline and maybe in which cases it's triggered (if relevant for translation)?If you are using My SQL then see #My SQL Since Frodo now supports both posters and banners simultaneously, and for other supported images, the following naming conventions are available for local images (Only required if the user wants to specify what image to use.Otherwise XBMC will automatically download images from the video scraper).XBMC has supported these formats in the past, but has not been able to pass them on (passthrough) to audio receivers for maximum bit-perfect audio quality, until now.If you have an HD audio compatible sound system then check out the Audio Engine page for more information.

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