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" Jaden asked curiously.-In the Digimon Data Squad world, some time ago-Within the police station, inside the room where they used to return Marcus and the other Digimon back to the real world several weeks ago, we find Marcus, holding the Hypno Zapper and Yoshi, holding the scroll, now tied up with an amber coloured ribbon, standing next to the teleporter.To the left side of the room, we see Megumi sitting in front of a large computer and Miki, also sitting in front of a large computer on the right side of the room. " Marcus called out."Yes, Master." Yoshi replied, as she hit a large red button next to the teleporter, which caused the teleporter to let off a brief flash of light and when the light faded, Marcus opened the door to see the scroll and the Hypno Zapper were gone.Who was it that saved Sartorius from the Light of Destruction? Yes, it was true; Jaden had fallen in love with Alexis.

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The Hypno Zapper was meant for people like us, heroes who have saved our world from great evils and deserve a great reward.

" Jaden asked curiously."Because you're the perfect candidate to own this device.

Who was it that defeated Kagemaru and the Sacred Beasts? I..." Jaden tried to say in an embarrassed tone."Don't worry, Jaden. If there's nothing else we need to talk about I think I'd better return to Duel Academy." Jaden said, before he made his way towards the lab's exit and prepared to head back to Duel Academy.'Jaden, I know some day you will be with a girl, who will be happy to be with you and may one day become 'Mrs. After all, the hero always gets the girl and it's only a matter of time before you do too.' Tania thought to herself sincerely, little did Tania know that Jaden had already fallen for a certain Obelisk Blue girl.

" Jaden says groggily, as he rubs his eyes, wondering who would be calling him at this time."Hello, Jaden. "Hearing this caused Jaden to snap out of his sluggish state and ask in a serious tone. Eisenstein replied, which confused Jaden as to what he meant by his 'power'."My power? Even though I cannot physically communicate with Bastion. Bastion said he has 'something big' he wanted to tell you.""Alright then.

"Are you saying that you can return Bastion from the Spirit World back to our world? However, I need a powerful energy source, like the Rainbow Dragon. I am still able to contact him through his PDA and he told me that you have a power within you known as the 'Supreme King' and a Duel Monster's Spirit fused with your soul named Yubel. ""My lab is located in the west section of Domino City, you can't miss it." Dr. See you later." Jaden said, before he hung up the cell phone, got out of his pyjamas, put on his Slifer Red uniform and then quickly made his way to the harbour, where he borrowed one of the motorboats and headed towards Domino City, looking forward to seeing Bastion again and wondered what Bastion was going to tell him, little did he know Bastion would be bringing a 'friend'.-In the west section of Domino City, around AM-We see that Jaden was able successfully able to find Dr. Eisenstein asked, causing Jaden to turn his head to the left, to see what looked like some kind of hand scanner."I need you to place your hand onto that device. "Hearing this caused Jaden to immediately take his hand off the scanner and as he did, one final volt struck his hand, causing him to let out a loud cry of pain.

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